Recently I published a 4 part series on very relevant church risk subjects in the online weekly publication “The Church Network Weekly Update“. I pray you will find these articles useful and thought provoking.

Below you will find a short excerpt of each article as well as a PDF to view and or download.

Part 1: Risk and Ministry Starting a Church Safety and Security Team

No matter the size of your church organization it is critically important for you to establish a comprehensive, and member driven, Church Safety and Security Team. Since church risk is a new opportunity for ministry there are inherent risks involved in every aspect of your ministry work. Risk is not new to the church. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Part 2: Church Risk Management, Starting and Managing a Church Safety and Security Team

Risk and Management can have several different definitions, each within its own context. By definition, risk is recognizing the possibility, or propensity, of accidental and unexpected losses occurring. A risk can be a specified future anticipated event such as a hail storm or tornado damaging your church…you realize storms occur you just do not know when or where the tornado will strike. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Part 3: Risk and Ministry, Establishing the ‘EFFECT’ Method of Church Safety and Security

There is a misconception in the discussion of implementing Church Safety and Security Teams (CSST) and the ongoing recruitment of quailified volunteers from your church. The predominate consideration of most CSST team leadership members typically focuses solely on armed security and concealed weapons on campus. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Part 4: Bouncy Houses, Safeguarding an Attractive and Inflatable Nuisance

After the Church Safety and Security Team begins to function as an integral part of church ministry the TEAM should prioritize its efforts using the EFFECT approach to monitoring all vulnerable church activities. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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