The Corona Virus has been a life changing event for everyone. Many questions arise today that we didn’t need to ask just 8 months ago. Do I need to wear a mask? Do I not need to wear a mask? How far should I stand from someone else when talking with them? Can I go to the grocery store? Are my kids going to be safe?
Will my kids be able to return to school? When will this all end? This pandemic has touched every part of our lives including the church.

Churches aren’t exempt from the need to think about every aspect of doing ministry. The church should be leading the way in abiding by state and federal laws and going above and beyond in what it is doing to keep its members and visitors safe while still congregating together and conducting daily church business. In partnership with Brotherhood Mutual we have compiled a list of 10 articles every church team (especially leaders) should read regarding the Church and Covid 19. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

ChurchRiskBlog would like to thank Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company for giving us permission to display these COVID articles on our website.

Before We Gather – Back to Work, Back to Basics

Before We Gather – Cleaning and Disinfecting – Children’s Ministry

Before We Gather – Deep Clean and Disinfect

Before We Gather – Facilities Preparation

Before We Gather – Planning for Social Distancing

Moving Forward in a Time of Coronavirus – Deacon’s Bench

Protect Your Property During COVID-19

Sample Activity Participation Agreement for Ministry and School

Think Creatively to Maximize Your Children’s Ministry Activities

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