covenant center-seminars flyer
covenant center-seminars flyer

covenant center-seminars flyer

The church today has as many liability exposures as most businesses. That is why it is imperative to attend a seminar designed to provide Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Trustees and other concerned committee members with the vital information needed to protect the integrity of the church.

Not everyone loves the church like you and I do . . . so we must equip ourselves to recognize these ministry risks that can lead to lawsuits and potential monetary judgements. Many a church has been sued and they were not prepared for the legal battles that can result from their negligence in the ministry.

Our Pastors are great people of God. They study, prepare, preach the Word and lead their congregation in service to the community. But . . . they are not always great business people. They often overlook the various risks that can ruin their ministry and the integrity of the church. It is imperative pastors and laymen attend these seminars to be better prepared to lead their ministry and their congregation.

If you attend one of our seminars I guarantee you will be more aware of the potential hazards involved in Youth Activities, Sexual Misconduct, Transportation and many other church risks that can affect your ministry, and you will be better equipped to return to your church to make a difference!

If you are interested in registering for one of these special events, please contact us for more information.

God Bless!

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